Since 1976 Peeper’s has been offering the very finest in prescription eyewear and sunglasses in the Southwest.


Originally located in Richardson, Texas, the concept expanded to Ft. Worth’s Hulen Mall, Dallas’ Highland Park Village and Dallas Galleria Mall. However, as times and shopping trends changed, so did Peeper’s.

Today, Peeper’s is located in Highland Park Village, catering to the needs of those who wish to wear the absolute finest in eyewear. With over a thousand designer frames to choose from, whether it’s cruise or black tie each of these frames has measured up to the high standards of quality set by Peeper’s.

Peeper’s reputation is not limited to the city of Dallas. Fashion magazines including Vanity Fair, Interview, Elle, and Esquire, along with trade publication such as 20/20 and Vision Monday have all credited Peeper’s for its dedication to excellence, commitment to style, and selection.

City magazine cites Peeper’s as the place for eyewear in Dallas. Rosewood Resorts, W Hotels and Guest Informant also feature Peeper’s within their in-room publication.

Another area of concern to Peeper’s is that customers receive the finest prescription lenses available. To achieve this, Peeper’s maintains its own lab facility equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to guarantee its lenses meet the most stringent standards.

Times change. Yet anything that is good in both quality and appearance not only holds its own but differentiates itself from the multitude of imitations. The search for unique products that in themselves convey a prestige value has always been the utmost importance at Peeper’s.

The world is becoming more and more casual but people still worry about their appearance and the desire to be attractive, to look attractive, to positively stand out and display indivualality. To fill that particular need, Peeper’s continuously strives to offer extraordinary and unique eyewear.

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